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This is a list of some helpful tips and tricks. Feel free to add your own to this list!

  • Being big is no guarantee of success! Even the smallest snake can "pop" the largest if it positions itself correctly. As you grow larger, it can pay off to move further from the center and adopt a conservative strategy.
  • Unlike in the similar, you do not lose any length over time. Therefore there's no rush to keep eating pellets and you can take as much time as you'd like to enjoy being large.
  • "Coiling" is a popular strategy that involves using your length to create a complete circle around an opponent and slowing crushing them until they're forced to run into you and "pop". However, while coiling around an opponent you present a much smaller target and are vulnerable to being coiled yourself!
  • Coiling can also be used to encircle a large group of pellets, preventing them from being eaten by other players.
  • Coiling can take time and there are situations where it may be more useful to abort coiling if lots of pellets are nearby.
  • Don't be afraid to cross your own tail. Unlike in the classic arcade game, you're free to cross your own tail in This can be used to your advantage if you need to get away from a player who's trying to get in your way or to block someone from picking up a large amount of pellets you're aiming for.
  • Sometimes you can use the tails of other snakes to your advantage as there are situations where the combination of your and other player's tail can cut off a third player.
  • Be cautious around snakes that are the same color and size as yourself. You may think you're crossing your own tail only to find it was an opponent, but by then it will be too late!
  • Defensive uses of speed boosting include escaping from dangerous locations (for an example, from being coiled). It can also be used to intimidate other players away getting pellets or discourage them from trying to cut you off.
  • Speed boosting does not alter your turning speed. In fact, turning circle when speed boosting is much larger. When having to do a speed boost from the opposite direction is needed, it's better to start speed boosting after the snake has almost turned around.
  • When having 10k+ mass, then one of the defensive strategies is to go around in a big circle and continue circling. This means that whenever there is a threat, it will be safe to escape inside the circle. When there is no threat, it is wise to eat nearby pellets.
  • Try to avoid playing too aggressively on a snake. Chances are, they may see the right moment and may turn your plan against you! This strategy should also be taken into consideration when feeding on a recently slain snake.
  • When feeding off a recently slain snake, steer away if you see another snake coming from the opposite direction.
  • Speed boosting when small is more dangerous when feeding off the recently killed snake due to short snakes having much smaller vision.
  • Vertical vision in the game is smaller than horizontal one and therefore speed boosting while moving up or down is more dangerous.
  • For slower computers, a snake dying can cause a game to freeze for up to a few seconds, and can cause deaths in crowded areas.
  • Try not to cross the center of the screen with your cursor when turning around. This could lead you accidentally turning into a wrong direction which can be fatal for larger snakes.
  • Lag is common for most players and can be reduced by changing to low graphics in the top-right of the main screen or by closing other tabs.
  • Keep an eye on your minimap in the lower-right so you aren't surpised by the edge of the map which will kill you.