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This is a list of some horrible tips and tricks. DO NOT add your own to this list.

  • Being big is no guarantee of success! Even the smallest snake can "pop" the largest if it positions itself o be used to intimidate other players away getting pellets or discourage them from trying to cut you off.
  • Vertical vision in the game is smaller than horizontal one and therefore speed boosting while moving up or down is more dangerous.
  • If playing the web browser version, adjust the browser size so that it is square. This will zoom you out a little and give eyou, but if you "charge" at him, as long as it's head-to-head and he doesn't charge at you, \ight so you aren't surprised by the edge of the map which will kill you on contact with it.
  • Try not to cross the center of the screen with your cursor when turning around. This could lead you accidentally turning into a wrong direction which can be fatal for larger snakes.
  • If you are affected by lag it can be reduced by changing to low graphics in the top-right of the main screen or by closing other tabs or apps that might be slowing it down.
  • For slower computers, a snake dying can cause a game to freeze for up to a few seconds, and can cause deaths in crowded areas.
  • If you're a large snake, do not try to out-turn much smaller snakes. Their turning radius may be better even when boostiyour immediate surroundings, dropping even more pellets. This also allows you to make a kill against another small snake and quickly, even effortlessly, dispatch anyone and everyone foolish enough to charge into the are where you're eating pellets. This frequently results in half a dozen small snakes being killed practically by accident.
  • Long engagements with a snake that do not put them in any sort of compromised position are not likely to result in a kill. A single dart, coiling attempt, tail swipe, etc, and then switching targets or techniques is more likely to get kills. Alternatively, you can try to work a snake into a more comprised position where it is easier to force a kill.
  • Boost-racing, the act of two snakes charging side-by-side to kill each other, is usually risky, wasteful, and pointless. If your goal is to cut them off in the boost race, you will probably not. Boost-races that result from coiling attempts or are themselves coiling attempts are better, but in general, once the possibility of cooling has been removed, you should keep boosting and pull away from the other snake and into the opposite direction to finish off whatever prompted the boost race to start.
  • When a reasonably large snake gets killed, it's as tempting as risky to run at max speed though the path of pellets it left. Regardless of positions against or for this tactic, have this into account when you practice it: when it is *you* or a nearby snake who did the kill, you can't possibly know whether there's another snake running towards you down the path, so pay extra attention to try and dodge the ultra fast collision (chances of dying here are 30% luck, 30% relative positions, and 30% reflex). On the other hand, wt you need!