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'''Snakes''' are the playable characters in [[Slither.io]].
Players start as very small snakes that must eat the [[Pellets]] on the ground to grow bigger and increase their [[Length]].
Players can press either the left mouse button or the space button for a quick burst of speed, but this will slightly decrease their snake's size and length, and it will also leave a trail of pellets behind them.
If a snake hits their head against the body of another snake they will die and it will be game over for that player. A dead snake will leave pellets where they died that other players can eat. A snake can also die when hitting the boundaries of the map, but they will not drop any pellets.
==Snake skins==
There are several skins that players can use. Skins change the appearance of a snake and the pellets left behind by it, but otherwise have no effect on the gameplay. By default, Players will use one of the first 9 skins at random. One can unlock access to the other skins along with the ability to select a skin in particular by sharing the game on a social platform from the front page. These skins are also automatically available on the mobile version of the game.
SnakeSkin 1.png
SnakeSkin 2.png
SnakeSkin 3.png
SnakeSkin 4.png
SnakeSkin 5.png
SnakeSkin 6.png
SnakeSkin 7.png
SnakeSkin 8.png
SnakeSkin 9.png
SnakeSkin 10.png
SnakeSkin 11.png
SnakeSkin 12.png
SnakeSkin 13.png
SnakeSkin 14.png
SnakeSkin 15.png
SnakeSkin 16.png
SnakeSkin 17.png
SnakeSkin 18.png
SnakeSkin 19.png
SnakeSkin 20.png
SnakeSkin 21.png
SnakeSkin 22.png
SnakeSkin 23.png
SnakeSkin 24.png
SnakeSkin 25.png
SnakeSkin 26.png
SnakeSkin 27.png
SnakeSkin 28.png
SnakeSkin 29.png
SnakeSkin 30.png
SnakeSkin 31.png
SnakeSkin 32.png
SnakeSkin 33.png
SnakeSkin 34.png
SnakeSkin 35.png
SnakeSkin 36.png
SnakeSkin 37.png
SnakeSkin 38.png
SnakeSkin 39.png
SnakeSkin 40.png
SnakeSkin 41.png
SnakeSkin 42.png
SnakeSkin 43.png
SnakeSkin 44.png
SnakeSkin 45.png
SnakeSkin 46.png
SnakeSkin 47.png
SnakeSkin 48.png
SnakeSkin 49.png
SnakeSkin 50.png
SnakeSkin 51.png
SnakeSkin 52.png
SnakeSkin 53.png
SnakeSkin 54.png
SnakeSkin 55.png
SnakeSkin 56.png
SnakeSkin 57.png
SnakeSkin 58.png
SnakeSkin 59.png

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