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Hi I’m Zara Henderson and i played slither.io and my biggest size was 66059. So what this other person says is completely true but this is what I did. I cycled 5 worms big or small and got thousands of dots or energy whatever you want to call it. But what I did that she/he mentioned is that I ate all the little dots and the huge ones as well. It was so much fun. My dad -Shaun- and I were just sat and a bar (with my brother -Johnathan- and my Mum -Sharon-) and got bored so we started to play slither.io. My dad had ago and got 1748 which is good for first try but then I said “ watch the master” and I kept on saying I’m on the leaderboard I’m straight on 7th place, I’m 5th place, I’m 2th place and OMG I’M 1TH PLACE!!! He said stuff like; your amazing, your doing so good, keep going, well done. Then I eventually died WAY after that and it said “NEW HIGH SCORE”. I was on 18114 and now it’s 66059! I’M SO HAPPY!! I bet you can do better! Good luck!!

So I played Slither.io and my biggest size was 3611. So what you need to do is eat all the smaller worms and the way to do that is you circle them and let them run into you. Then you eat them and also follow the blinking dots that move. Also go to the outsides of the cage in the game and there are less worms then you can get bigger and go back to the middle but be sure not to run into the rims of the cage it will kill you it's color is red.